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Hijama Therapy: Impact on Blood Profile and Kidney Function

In the realm of alternative medicine, Hijama therapy, also known as cupping, stands out for its potentially positive effects on health. A recent study has provided astounding insights into the benefits of this method.

Immune Boost Through Hijama

The study results indicated that Hijama therapy can lead to a significant increase in lymphocyte and platelet counts, signaling a robust immune defense.

Hijama as Support for the Kidneys Interestingly, the study also revealed a reduction in creatinine and urea levels in the blood, suggesting improved kidney function.

Potential Protection Against Blood Clots

Furthermore, these positive changes could lower the risk of blood clot formation, thereby supporting the cardiovascular system.

The revealing data from this investigation were published in the “Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal” ​1​.






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